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Updated 12/31/2020 By Devin Caliri




Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Welcome to Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport


 KMSP Hub Management


Devin Caliri - NWA3000







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March 2017



NWA1003 Jonathan Oakes - Captain


NWA1019 Gregory Knuth - Commander


Keep Up The Great Work!















We are pleased to announce we have added 2 routes into Barbados,  Grantley Adams International Airport (TBPB).  We have a non-stop out of MSP into TBPB with a return route operated with a A330-200 - VNW1219 & VNW1220.  We also have a route originating out of KMEM with one stop into KMIA and then to TBPB with return routing the same operated with a 757-200W, VNW3059, VNW3060, VNW3267, VNW3268.

We hope you enjoy these routes into the beautiful island of Barbados.

vNWA Operations











NEW 777-200ER Domestic Routing out of the MSP Hub.



We have relocated a (2) of our 777-200ER's from other Hubs and assigned them to the MSP to support new domestic routes that have been added to wACARS originating out of KMSP. The routing for the (2) new MSP based 777-200ER's are listed below:


1N7R01NW = VNW1193 - VNW1197



1N7R02NW = VNW1198 - VNW1201




We currently have (4) 777-200LR's (long range) already based out of MSP as well as (1) 777-300ER with routings for long international routes.  Some of these routes operated ever other day so they may not show up when you check the schedules from the homepage which only shows that days flights.  So be aware of that situation.  You can filter and query just the 777 routes out of MSP from the schedules search page using the drop down boxes for the selections. 


The ranges for our 777 Fleet are as follows:


777-200ER = 7725nm


777-200LR = 9380nm


777-300ER = 7930nm


All of the 777 flights out of KMSP are below the max range of the 777-200ER and therefore pilots can substitute all three versions for all of the routes out of MSP operating its 777 fleet.



Enjoy the New routes!







We have added 3 routes utilizing a MSP based 727 departing MSP and returning to MSP with stops in MEM & DTW.  FLT#, s. VNW1137 -1139.  We will look to add more continuing leg routes in the future.

We have also added 6 new routes utilizing a 737-800W out of KMSP. VNW1558 - VNW1163 with routing as KMSP-KIND-KBOS-KIAD-KBOS-KIND-KMSP. We are always looking and evaluating to add new routes utilizing the 737 fleet. Listed below are current routes as of 1/17/2013 utilizing 737 type aircraft in our current route system.

Domestic (737-7,8,9) Routes = 36
Central & South America (737-7,8) Routes = 50
Europe (737-3,4,5) Routes = 48
Europe (737-7,8,9) Routes = 100

That gives of a Grand Total of 234 routes utilizing 737 type aircraft in the vNWA system.

Hope all of you Enjoy flying these routes.

vNWA Operations


To all MSP Pilots,


The vNWA Assitant Hub Manager Position is open for applications, if you are interested check the vNWA Policy manual for requirements, and send an email to svp@vnorthwest.com. We are looking to have this position filled by Nov 1, 2017.

Department of Human Resources

Virtual Northwest Airlines



updated: 4/13/17

Pilot Roster

Pilot ID Name Rank Domicile Hours Flights Last Flight
NWA1003 Brian Akers New Hire United States 51 22 03/27/2023
NWA1005 James Hull Fleet Captain United States 0 0 None
NWA1007 Greg Goodavish Fleet Captain United States 166 99 12/11/2022
NWA1019 Gregory Knuth Senior Captain United States 568 227 05/29/2023
NWA1025 Chandler Heath Senior Captain United States 901 342 05/30/2023
NWA1027 Jeremy Schwartz Command Captain United States 184 76 01/05/2023

Total Hub Hours: 1871.15
Total Hub Flights: 766

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